Tips for modding & scripting

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    Here's an instruction to make your own mod to 'upgrade' existing ships in the game. For instance you can modify the standard Teladi Falcon to a ship with higher speed, stronger shields and more advanced weapons. You can do this to any ship you want, but remember that it will effect every ship with the same name in the whole universe.
    To do this follow these steps:
  1. Download Doubleshadow's X3 ModManager and X3 Editor from his website. These are necessary tools to edit data files in the game directory.
  2. Run X3 ModManager and click the Open button. Be sure to be in the game root directory (normally this is c:\Program Files\Deep Silver\X3 Reunion). Select the catalog with the highest number (since the Bala Gi update that would be and open it.
  3. In the list of files inside the catalog search for the file named "types\TShips.pck". Highlight the entry and right click on it. Choose "extract". A dialog will appear where you can specify where to extract the file to. It's easier if you create a special folder for these extracted files, for instance in the Egosoft or X3 Reunion directory (I named my folder "Modified game files"). Extract the types\TShips.pck file to this folder, and be sure to uncheck the Preserve File Paths option as you don't want to create the directories. Click OK. Now you should have the TShips file in your specified folder as a Tships.txt file.
  4. Run the X3 Editor and open the TShips.txt file.
  5. You can now change the stats of the ship(s) of your choice to whatever you like. For instance, select the Teladi Falcon. Click on the Performance tab in the right window. Doubleclick on the entry with engine tunings. Now you can enter a new value for the maximum number of tunings. You can also doubleclick the speed entry and enter a higher minimum speed. Both ways make the ship faster, but the first is less 'cheating' then the second, since you have to pay for the engine tunings in the game, making it an 'honest' way to upgrade your ship. Also change the Reactor output accordingly to give your engine enough power. Number and type of shields can be changed under the Weapons tab. Adding new lasertypes can be done by moving it from the Available lasers to the Compatible lasers section. Etcetera.
  6. After you have made all the changes you want, save and exit the Editor.
  7. Notice that the changes you made will effect all ships of this type/model in the game (also your enemies')!
  8. Now activate ModManager again and click on the button "New" to create a new catalog. Be sure to be in the mods directory of the game (normally: X3 Reunion\mods) because this is the place where your mod needs to be. Give your catalog a name (for instance and click "Open". You'll now see an empty window. Click on "Add" and select the TShips.txt file that you have modified. Beware that the specified directory is "types" and that "check compression filter" is selected. The file should now appear in your new catalog as "types\TShips.pck". Close ModManager (you don't have to save).
  9. You've just created your own mod!
  10. When you run X3 you should click on the "Select Mod Package" button in the Start up window. Choose the mod with the name you gave it ('superships' in the example above). The mod is now activated. Now you can start your game.
  11. Notice: you don't have to start a NEW game, any savegame can be loaded. Enjoy!
  12. More info about creating a mod using Doubleshadow's X3 ModManager can be found here and here.

LV's CHEAT SCRIPTS (script):

    In my opinion this is one of the best script-packs available for X3-Reunion. It allows you to change race notoriety, reset the hull and shields of your ship, create ships out of the blue, or even stations, add ware to ships or stations (like energy cells), etcetera. If you really want to have it easy you can even add money to your account (but for me this goes a bit too far). Anyway, it's clear that this script can save you a lot of time and add more joy to the game.
    To activate it you must do the following:
  1. Download LV's script pack (.zip file) from his site. Don't worry, it's safe, and has been used and recommended by many Egosoft forum users for several months already.
  2. Unzip/extract the .zip file to a temp folder. You will see that two folders ("t" and "scripts") are created.
  3. Copy (or move) the files within the "t" and "script" folders to the folders with the same name in the game root directory (normally C:\Program Files\DeepSilver\X3 Reunion)
  4. Run the game with an existing savegame. An incoming message will appear instantly, listing all seperate scripts that come to your disposal, and what they do. This "help file" will from now on be available in your message log.
  5. Now you have to enable the script editor within X3: from the game menu choose to rename your pilot. Then type "Thereshallbewings" and press return. If you typed it correctly, the pilot name will NOT be changed, and only a beep will be heard. The script editor is now activated.
  6. Open the Command Console of your ship or one of your properties, and select "script editor". Wait for the MCSI to load and initiate.
  7. Now select "Reinit caches" (and activate it ONCE) to refresh the list of scripts and add the new cheats.
  8. Open the Command Console of your ship again. At the end of the list (under Navigation, Combat etcetera) you will see a new option named "General". Choose it, and press return. Now you will see all new script options.
  9. Just select one and press enter. You can now edit the script, this means, specify what the script does exactly (the practical details, like the number of items to be spawned, location, etc.).
  10. After you did this you'll open the Command Console once again, choose "General" and after this the desired script (that you just edited) again, but in stead of pressing return you press the "r"-button. This will run the script (without you noticing it), and voila... the miracle has happened.
  11. More info about LV's cheat scripts can be found here (Egosoft forum).


    Some of us are not so happy with all the little asteroids Egosoft added to the game for mobile mining. They lower your framerate, especially in sectors that are already crowded, and it takes a lot of time to 'eat' them by mobile mining. Bunny made a script to get rid of all the small asteroids (rocks) in the whole universe at once. YOU DO NOT NEED TO START A NEW GAME, it works with existing savegames!
    Here's what you should do:
  1. Download the file from Bunny's forum thread or directly from here.
  2. Unzip the file to a temp folder.
  3. Copy the cheat.removerocks.xml file to the [scripts] folder in your X3 game directory (save the README file in another place if you wish).
  4. Make a backup of your most recent savegame from the Egosoft folder in your [My Documents]. Just in case.
  5. Run X3, and when you're flying in space rename your pilot to "Thereshallbewings" to activate the script editor. (If you typed it correctly the player name will NOT be changed).
  6. Now go to the command console of your ship, and find the entry for the Script editor. Select and press Return. Wait for the MCSI screen to load completely, and click OK. You will get a warning from Egosoft and a list of controls. Just click OK again.
  7. Find the entry for "cheat.removerocks" in the script list. Select it and run it by pressing "r".
  8. Select your own ship as the ship on which the script should run. Press Return.
  9. Now you have to put in the number "4" which is the mode in which we want to run the script. (If you want just one sector to be cleared choose a different mode, see the README file that comes along in the downloaded .zip file). First you will have to press Return a few times until you are asked to input the number. You will notice when you can.
  10. Finally you have to select the sector. For our purpose (the whole universe) you can select any sector.
  11. After the last Return the script will start to do its work. An autopilot X-mark will appear on your hud, and in some cases the game will lock up for a short time (don't worry). Wait until the autodock X-mark has disappeared.
  12. Save your game and exit X3.
  13. Restart X3 and load your savegame, and check if it is intact.
  14. Your universe is now free from little asteroids.


    At first it may seem a little daunting to modify something that is already a modification of someone else, but in fact its just as simple as starting from scratch. Let's say you want to modify ship specs in the DDRS mod (or any other mod out there). Follow these steps:
  1. First you look for the types/Tships file: Run Doubleshadows X3 Mod Manager and open the .cat file of the mod (located in the "mod" folder). If types/Tships is listed there then that's the one you're going to work with. If it's not there (as with the XTM mod) you'll have to open the .cat file with the highest number in the original game directory, and extract the Tships file from there.
  2. Select the types/Tship file and extract it to a location of your choice (uncheck the 'preserve directory path' option).
  3. Run Doubleshadows X3 Editor and open the Tships.txt file you've just created.
  4. Edit the specs of the ship of your choice by doubleclicking the specific entries and entering new values. After you're done, save the Tships.txt (overwrite).
  5. Run X3 Mod Manager again, and open the original .cat file from which you extracted the Tships file.
  6. Click the button "add" and select the Tships.txt file that you just edited. Click OK. A dialog will ask for the path (for the Tships file this should be "types"). Also check that "file compression" is checked.
  7. A next dialog will probably ask if you want to overwrite the existing types/Tship file. Of course you click "yes".
  8. The new specs are now integrated in the mod. Have fun


    Why not enjoy someone else's work? Especially when it's done in an excellent way. If you're looking for a complete package currently there's is a mod that towers above all the others and makes your wildest X-dreams come true! It's called Extended Mod (XTM) 0.7a. In my view this is really a first-rate mod, but you have to judge for yourself. These guys really did a whole heck of a job! If you haven't seen it yet, you'll be amazed. It combines all the good from X2 with the eyecandy in X3 (and more...and better). Like exhaust tails (even at missiles), cool explosion effects (and impressive sounds), stunning new ships and stations, 90 new sectors, Earth and many other terran sectors are visitable and there's a lot more to fight (ha!). But that's not all. The list of additions is really too long for this page. Don't deprive yourself of a full load of extra X-pleasure (for FREE) and get it. Here's how:
  1. Download the XTM mod (currently version 0.7a) from here and unzip it to a temp folder. Do the same for the accompanying scriptpack (currently 0.7.3).
  2. Dowload Cycrow's XScript Installer from here, this is needed to install the mod (NB. The XScript Installer is a part of the XSCript Manager, so just download the XScript Manager)
  3. Before you install anything make sure you're highest .cat file in the X3 game directory has number 09... if not make sure you have installed the latest Egosoft patch ( and no other mods present.
  4. Now copy all the extracted files from the temp folder to the X3 game directory, except the soundtrack folder You have to copy the contents of the soundtrackfolder to the original soundtrack folder and overwrite anything that requires overwriting.
  5. Install Cycrow's XScript Installer, and run it.
  6. Doubleclick the XTM Script.PCK package (or open it manually with Cycrow's XScript Installer) and install the package. After this you can close the XScript Installer.
  7. Start a new game in X3 (see that there are new start games added for XTM). You don't have to "select a mod package" because the mod is integrated in the game (therefore your mod folder will be empty). Just start the game.
  8. Enjoy

Many thanks to LV (Lord Vader), DoubleShadow and Bunny from Egosoft's forum AND the XTM modding team (!!) for their effort in adding a lot more fun to our beloved space sim X3-Reunion!!