X3 Music Guide

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X3 contains a load of music files that are played while visiting sectors, being in combat or playing parts of the plot. The idea behind this page is to help you to find them quickly, so you can swap them for other music files of your own preference (or listen to them outside the game if you like...).

The music files (all .mp3) are contained in the "soundtrack" folder of your game directory.
(for example C:\Program Files\Deep Silver\X3 Reunion\soundtrack)

Swapping the files for your own music is very simple but for the sake of completion I added an instruction at the bottom.


Combat related

File nameDescription/ game association
01001Combat tune
01002Combat tune
01003Combat tune
01004Combat tune
01005Combat tune
Alternative combat tunes:
Some nice ones can be found on TimeSplitters FP music files. Here are some suggestions (right click and 'save as'):
[cd1 #1], [cd1 #4], [cd1 #9], [cd1 #10], [cd1 #11], [cd1 #13], [cd2 #8]
Another set of alternatives music files are from a second version of Timesplitters and can be found here.
They are completely free.

Sector related

File nameDescription/ game association
08100Argon Prime
08101Kingdom End
08104Home of Light
08105Getsu Fune
08134Xenon Sector 101
06201Presidents End and Khaak sectors
00015former X-BTF music, now used in some new sectors in X3
00016former X-BTF music, now used in some new sectors in X3
00019Savage Spur, Paranid Prime, Cloudbase SE, Elena's Fortune, BalaGi's Joy, Greater Profit, Family Zein
00020Dukes Vision, Emperor's Ridge, Danna's Chance, Company Pride, Family Rhonkar, Rhonkar's Clouds
00021Depth's of Silence, Rhy's Desire, Bad Debt, Preacher's Refuge, Light Water, Aladna Hill, Patriarch's Keep, the Vault
00022Great Reef, Barren Shores, Rolk's Legacy, Unknown Sector (East of Montalaar), PTNI Headquarters, Home of Opportunity, Unknown Sector (west of Xenon Sector 534)
00023Loomanckstrat's Legacy, Omicron Lyrae, Ghinn's Escape, Menelaus' Paradise, Xenon Sector 596
00024Unknown Sector (west of Unholy Descent), Spring of Belief, Cardinal's Domain, Nathan's Voyage, Family Ryk
00025Ringo Moon, Herron's Nebula, Antigone Memorial, Menelaus' Frontier, Belt of Aguilar, Xenon Sector 598, Unknown Sector (east of Z'rt's Domination)
00026Emperor Mines, Ore Belt, Farnham's Legend, Spaceweed Drift, Family Whi
00027Preacher's void, Duke's Domain, Priest's Pity, Brennan's Triumph, Ceo's Sprite, Rhonkar's Fire, Family Pride
00028Rhy's Crusade, Trinity Sanctum, Hatikvah's Faith, Cho's Defeat, Unknown Sector (east of Patriarch's Retreat)
00029Shining Currents, Reservoir of Tranquility, Lucky Planets, Montalaar, Profit Center Alpha, Mines of Fortune
00030Unknown Sector (south of Mists of Elysium), Ceo's Doubt, Ianamus Zura, Xenon Sector 347, Nyana's Hideout, Circle of Labour, Tkr's Deprivation
00031Priest's Refuge, Moo-Kye's Revenge, Black Hole Sun, Thyn's Abyss, Njy's Deception, Ocean of Fantasy
00032Cloudbase NW, Power Circle, Queen's Space, Consecrated Fire, Pontifex's Seclusion, Interworlds, Midnight Star, Z'rt's Domination
00033Cloudbase SW, The Wall, Atreus' Clouds, Profit Share, Teladi Gain, Unknown Sector (sw of Maelstrom), Merchant Haven
00034Ocracoke's Storm, Empire's Edge, Priest Rings, Split fire, Olmancketslat's Treaty, Blue Profit, Thuruk's Pride
00035Emperor's Wisdom, Pontifex's Realm, Freedom's Reach, Nopelios' Memorial, Thuruk's Beard, Tharka's Sun, Patriarch's Retreat
00036Dark Water, Family Rhy, Ministry of Finance, Shore of Infinity, Light of Heart, Akeela's Beacon, Two Grand, Shareholders Fortune
00037Mists of Elysium, Great Trench, New Income, Eighteen Billion, Scale Plate Green, Heretics End, Family T'kr, Xenon Sector 534
00038Mi Ton's Refuge, Treasure Chest, Xenon Sector 472, Family Njy, Hila's Joy, Bluish Snout, Xenon Sector 597
00039Three Worlds, Rolk's Drift, Unknown Sector (sw of Unholy Descent), Unholy Descent, Friar's Retreat, Sacred Relic, Wastelands, Family Z'rt
00040Red Light, The Hole, Rolk's Fate, Ceo's Buckzoid, Grand Exchange
Suggestions for alternative sector tunes:
Presidents End/Khaak sectors:
["Hidden Mementos"] by Jon Hallur (Eve)
["Mansion of Madness"] (Timesplitters FP cd1 #6)

Alternative tunes for other sectors:
["Glorious Future"] by Jon Hallur (Eve)
["Red Glowing Dust"] by Jon Hallur (Eve) (fits perfectly in X3!)
["Akat Mountains"] by Jon Hallur (Eve)
["What lies below"] (Timesplitters FP cd1 #7)
["Siberia"] (Timesplitters FP cd2 #7)
More can be found here.

Plot related

File nameDescription/ game association
06000Plot related
06004Plot related (old)
06005Chase scene (asteroid)
06006Plot related
06013Plot related
06015Plot related
06031Plot related (X2 funeral?)
06032Plot related (serene)
06033Plot related
06122Plot related
06119Plot related
06120Plot related
06150Plot related
06153Plot related
06171Plot/Battle related (tension)
06172Plot/Battle related (tension)
06173Plot/Battle related (tension)
06174Plot/Battle related (tension)
06175Plot/Battle related (tension)
06176Plot related (relieve after battle)
06300Plot related (heroic)
08135Earth Orbit Battle
08130Battle music at end of story line
08202Suspense (Camera Drone mission)
08204Suspense (Pleasure Complex mission)
08206Plot related (battle)
08207Plot related (drama)
08208Plot related
08209Plot related
08210Plot related

Special tunes

File nameDescription/ game association
00007Egosoft opening tune (erroneously titled '00033' in player, don't mix up!)
00011Publisher tune
00012Station Building tune
00013Game Over tune
00014Docking theme
02001Inner Station ambient/background
02002Inner Station ambient/background
02003Inner Station ambient/background
02004Inner Station ambient/background
02005Inner Station ambient/background
02006Inner Station ambient/background
03001Game Menu music
03002Game Menu music
03003Game Menu music
03004Game Menu music
06012Inner Station ambient/background
06017Inner Station ambient/background
06019Argonopedia ambient/background (X2)
06023Inner Station ambient/background
06030Inner Station ambient/background
06060Inner Station ambient/background
06070Ambient/background unknown
06131Argonopedia ambient/background (X2)
06141Ambient/background unknown


File nameDescription/ game association
08131(alternative combat music)
08132(alternative combat music)

  1. Go to the "soundtrack" folder in your game directory and select the name of the file you want to change.
  2. Change the name of the file by adding "_old" at the end (before the .mp3 extension). This way you can go back to the original situation easily.
  3. Locate the music file of your preference (must be .mp3) and give it exactly the same name as the original file in X3 that you want to replace.
  4. Copy the new file to the "soundtrack" folder of X3.
  5. Now you can listen to your own music in the game (in the sector or situation you chose).
Note: combat music files are played randomly in X3, so if you want to hear only your own tune(s) you should replace them all.

As you can see some tunes didn't ring a bell to me. If you know where they're from please leave a remark in the Guestbook. Also if you think I associated a tune incorrectly or missed out on one please leave a remark in the Guestbook.

Have fun.